Ministry Teams 2017-2018 Ministry Team Roster

Adult Discipleship
The Adult Discipleship Team develop ministries that equip adult believers to become mature and fruitful Christ followers, consistent with the church's God centered and outward focused vision. We're developing a clear discipleship process that includes grounding in the Word and its application, gifts discovery, equipping and deployment in ministry, and leadership development. We host Sunday School classes and seminars, coordinate community groups and facilitate the men's and women's ministries.  We also manage our church's library resources.  Contact Adult Discipleship Director
The Care Ministry's focus is to increase and sustain engagement of all members and regular attendees, and to share in the burdens and joys of each. We provide consistent personal contact and care, intercessory prayer, support and intervention at times of crisis, support/recovery small groups, and tracking systems.    Contact Care Director
Children's Ministry
The primary focus of our Children's Ministry is to lead children to follow Christ. We want to make Sunday morning a highlight of our children's week! The Team provides curriculum, choosing and training workers, facility needs, and equipment for all areas of Children's programming. We're also responsible for the nursery and for ensuring that The Child and Youth Protection Policy is followed when new Children's workers are added.    Contact Children's Ministry
The Communication Ministry has a dual purpose—to build up the body as a connected community, committed to and excited about its shared vision, while also building a bridge of positive visibility into the surrounding community, who will know us as an active, caring, and trusted people.    Contact Communication Director
Community Connection
The Community Connection Team helps our church build bridges of Christ-centered influence and authentic relationships to the local community through practical service. We seek to develop effective, strategic responses to community needs, and help expand Christ's kingdom by mobilizing individuals and small groups to address targeted needs. We also build relationships with community leaders and organizations, identify and prioritize opportunities, collaborate to form service teams, allocate resources, and lead the church in celebrating what God is doing.    Contact Community Connection Director
The Elders are responsible for overseeing the doctrinal integrity, spiritual leadership and direction of our church, consistent with the Scriptures, our Constitution and By-Laws, and our church's vision and mission. Our responsibilities also include casting vision, developing and overseeing strategic processes, providing spiritual care and oversight of the church's staff and ministry team directors, and "shepherding the flock" that God has entrusted to this church. Each Elder serves as a liaison to one or more ministry teams to provide support and encouragement as the teams develop and pursue goals that support our "God-centered, outward-focused" vision. The Elder team serves as the board of the church with respect to its legal status as a not-for-profit entity under Illinois State law. But under our congregational form of government, the membership serves as the church's governing body.    Contact Elders Team
The purpose of the Facilities Team is to maintain optimal functionality, appearance, safety, and security of all church property; control operating costs; assist to maximize space utilization; and plan for future capacity for pursuing our ministry vision.    Contact Facilities Director
The Fellowship Team's focus is to connect people to Christ and His community by engaging and welcoming all who come to us. We conduct various connecting point ministries and events, make proactive personal contacts with newcomers to engage them and help them connect, address acute practical needs, and oversee the membership process.    Contact Fellowship Director
The Finance Team's purpose is to oversee the proper handling of all church funds and accounts; ensure that the church's finances are in accord with legal, ethical, and biblical standards; and promote good stewardship of the resources God entrusts to our use in His service.    Contact Finance Director
Global Connection
The purpose of the Global Connection Team is to help our church build bridges of influence and authentic relationships with people and communities beyond DeKalb County, in order to advance Godís kingdom globally. We send and partner with missionaries and ministries, in both short- and long-term endeavors.    Contact Global Connection Director
Under our congregational form of church government the Nominating Team plays a key role. Nominating identifies church members who are gifted, qualified, and willing to serve in various volunteer ministry positions. Upon being identified and recommended to the congregation, candidates to lead most of our ministry teams as "Ministry Directors" are voted on annually by the membership. The Nominating team also recruits and appoints other members to serve with these Directors on the various ministry teams. All members and regular attenders are encouraged to find a place to exercise their gifts within our church body.   Contact Nominating Director
The Records Team prepares, publishes, and retains official corporate records of the church, tracks and interprets status and trends of the statistical life of the church, and facilitates internal communication and coordination. Corporate records include minutes of all congregational meetings.   Contact Records Director
The Technology Team's purpose is to help maintain and support a broad range of technology tools, in order to enable staff and ministries to more effectively accomplish their missions and pursue our vision.   Contact Technology Director
Worship Ministry
The Worship Ministry Team leads the whole church in glorifying God through worship, teaching and preaching the Bible, prayer, music, and the ordinances. This requires a lot of support, such as technical operations, ushering, and communion preparation. Our  Worship Pastor leads or coordinates the contributions of all of these teams including choirs, orchestras/instrumental ensembles, teaching pastors, pulpit supply, light/sound/media technicians, ushers, communion preparers and servers, and others.    Contact Worship Ministry
Youth Ministry
The mission of the Youth Ministry Team is to fulfill the Great Commandments (love God and love people) and the Great Commission (make disciples) among all Middle and High School age youth in our church and community. We pursue our mission through magnifying God in worship, connecting with one another in fellowship, winning the lost, building Christ followers, equipping for ministry, and multiplying leaders. Our Youth Ministry Pastor is focused on raising up adult and student leaders, and providing effective venues, such as small groups, large groups, Bible study, mentoring, missions trips, retreats, service, and special events.    Contact Youth Ministry