Community Groups

A key emphasis at Crossview is that we live in community. That means we attach significant value to the need to live alongside one another and develop meaningful relationships. We want to see our people investing in one another's lives. We desire to see the church connecting outside our weekend worship services as they meet in homes, coffee shops, and across our city.

Jesus cares about the way we love one another, and He really cares about how we interact with each other. He wants the church to encourage, nurture, challenge and love one another. He wants us to bear each other's burdens. He wants us to be investing in one another's lives.

While each person comes to faith individually, once saved, we cannot live the Christian life as individuals. We're called to live in community. It's impossible to follow Jesus by yourself. We need each other. That's why Jesus Himself used a small group as the primary method of growth and transformation for His first twelve disciples. The Early Church continued that model, and so do we today.

Practically, this means we ask everyone to join a community group. These groups typically meet one evening during the week, and gather in informal settings such as a home, or meet on our church campus. One of the best ways to connect with other believers is to roll up your sleeves and get involved in a group. It's in this setting that you'll forge new (and deeper) relationships with other believers. It's in this setting that you'll be a part of encouraging, nurturing, teaching, praying and serving in close proximity with other Christians. It's in this setting that we believe you will experience the most growth in your faith, as well as making the greatest impact as we further our mission of making & maturing followers of Jesus.

For more information about Community Groups at Crossview, contact our Community Group Coordinators.